DietOn® is a unique multi-platform software application that serves diabetic patients to ease their everyday lives with extraordinary predictive features that support users' blood glucose levels to being maintained. DietOn® takes all key factors into account that influence blood sugar level and eases life for not only patients who have type 1 diabetes, but helps also those who need insulin partly or not at all, including most widespread, type 2 diabetic patients. DietOn® can also prove to be assistance to those people who are on a diet for various reasons - even healthy individuals -, and regular use and compliance with the recommendations can significantly contribute to successful weight reduction as well.


The DietOn® application runs on Android and Windows Phone8 smart phones, soon to be followed by iOS version, and web application. The DietOn® Android's operation is shown in the video below.

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What makes DietOn® SO unique?

DietOn® is unique because it is the first software offering assistance to diabetic patients by also paying attention to factors which can influence blood sugar level, usually ignored by other applications. In addition, DietOn® is unique because it also recommends the necessary dose required for reaching the ideal blood sugar level with help of the above mentioned factors. In other words, by knowing all the circumstances, DietOn® ” tells” the user what to do in order to  maintain  the ideal blood sugar level. With DietOn®, what used to be estimated roughly on the basis of memory, now provides exact calculations, keeping track of the time passed between doses, regardless of the number of daily meals, blood sugar level tests and the type of physical activity undertaken.  

In addition to DietOn®’s unique predictive features, its effect on the future, it has other advantages deriving from mobile device applications and data storage which make it possible to analyze past events and results. The subsequent analysis and graphic description of stored blood sugar, diet and other data as well as consultation with a physician, can assist patients in discovering their faulty habits, and encouraging them to develop a healthier lifestyle.  

Advantages of DietOn®: making the everyday life of people with diabetes do not speak about the disease, but a healthy lifestyle.

 Anywhere, at any time offers available, "pocketed in" knowledge.
 Allows individual analysis of experiences in order to prevent future recurrence of former failures. 
 Combines facts, experience, and the benefits of the latest technologies. 
 Provides practical support and makes living with diabetes easier. 


Around 400 million people in the world today living with diabetics need to pay strict attention to their daily lifestyle. 

Patients treated with insulin have been using flexible (also called intensive) insulin therapy (FIT) for decades, the essence of which is to enable diabetics to live a full life by measuring insulin dosage according to their own daily routine, eating or other habits. One of the main reasons this method did not become widespread is that patients have to be more aware and informed than when using the traditional treatment, which can be applied automatically, but has a strict schedule and rules to follow. There are a number of factors which influence the necessary amount of insulin dosage: quantity of food, it’s carbohydrate content, the energy burned during physical and mental work, and a number of other factors about which the patient has to make decisions about 4-5 times every day (or even more). Wrongly estimated dose of insulin may lead to serious consequences! 

While the complications of the disease can dramatically worsen the patient’s quality of life and the treatments demand huge financial sacrifice, the properly trained patients and DietOn® users can live as full and long life as the healthy individuals.


 Diabetes diagnosed - any kind. 
 Dieting or any diet adopters. 
 People livin health-conscious lifestyle. 
 Athletes (to calculate carbohydrate quantities required to avoid hypglyceamia).

How different, how much NOVEL DietOn® IS?

Along with the appearance of different sorts of mobile devices, many applications have been created for supporting flexible insulin therapy, but these applications focus on only one field: they store the carbohydrate content of different foods in a database, so it is easier to define the carbohydrate content of the meal. Although this does provide some assistance, but as regards the other factors, such as, defining the right quantity of insulin, it leaves the decision to the user. Other problems include the previously consumed, but still unabsorbed carbohydrates, proteins and fats which affect higher blood sugar level, the previously administered insulin which also influences lower blood sugar level or depending on whether you are sensitive to insulin, the blood sugar level measured before eating, etc.

 In contrast to other applications, it provides comprehensive solution (way of living „process-support” from A to Z), that fills in the huge market gap.
 It contains meal, food database, with mobile ordering options.*
 Diary function helps personal therapy with reports, statistics and prognosis.
 Data transmission with Bluetooth from blood sugar meters in accordance to IEEE 11073-10417 standards.**
 Cloud computing services are available anywhere at any time, while the mobile versions work offline also in order to provide service  always at no extra cost;
 Android and Windows Phone8 (iOS*) mobile versions are available in English and Hungarian languages.
 The web version also has features to support physicians, so data can be shared and paper-based blood glucose diary is forgettable.*

* Under development.
** With selected blood glucose meters and on-line access.


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